James Hardie Exterior V-Groove and Shiplap Siding

For those looking to take the look of shiplap to the outdoors, look no further than our James Hardie Exterior V-Groove and Nickel Gap shiplap.

It is specifically designed for exterior siding and is manufactured using long lasting and durable fiber cement siding.

Use this product for exterior siding, outdoor living areas, bathrooms exposed to high levels of steam and moisture, or any other area where weather or moisture may play a role.

Fast Facts

Applications: Exterior Siding & Outdoor Living Areas, and High Moisture Environments

Finish: Pre-primed.  Smooth Face.  Must be painted.

Available Sizes: 1x8 V-Groove, 1x10 Nickel Gap Shiplap

Lengths: 12' only

Warranty: 30 years

Price Point: $$$

Features & Benefits:

  • Slick blind nail design for hidden fasteners
  • Can be installed vertically or horizontally
  • Major cost advantages: priced 30-40% less than comparable products
  • Backed by James Hardie's proven performance and 30-year warranty
  • Can be mitered for clean professional corners
  • Primed and can be painted any color

1x8 James Hardie Exterior V-Groove

  • 7" Face Exposure 
  • 172 Linear Foot per 100 Square Feet of Coverage

1x10 James Hardie Exterior Shiplap

  • 9" Face Exposure
  • 133 Linear Foot per 100 Square Feet of Coverage

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PDF: Product Brochure

PDF: Installation Guide

PDF: Warranty Information

PDF: Shiplap Direct Cheat Sheet

1x8 Exterior V-Groove:

1x10 Exterior Nickel Gap Shiplap:


Is this an exterior product?

Absolutely.  This product is specifically designed for exterior use.  It's made to resist outdoor elements and prevent rot and decay.  It is an ideal product for exterior siding for residential, commercial, and multi-family.   


Where should I use this product?

It's best to use this for exterior siding or living areas where it is exposed to the weather.  It can also be used in an interior application that is susceptible to high levels of moisture, such as a bathroom.


What's the actual nickel gap width?  Can it be a wider or thinner thickness?

This product has a unique lock joint stack and install design that perfectly locks each piece into place and leaves a 1/8" nickel gap spacing.  You could potentially make the gap wider with spacers, but we would not recommend that.  


I noticed that this is a primed only product.  Does it come pre-painted?  Do I have to paint it?

This is a primed only product and it must be painted for the warranty.  However, there is no color spectrum limit and our James Hardie Exterior Shiplap can be painted any color, even dark grays and blacks.  


What colors and type of paint should I use?

You can paint our James Hardie Exterior Shiplap any color of paint, including black and dark grays.  As for the type of paint, a high-grade exterior paint is recommended.  Because this product is highly resistant to moisture cycling, the paint will adhere and perform well over the longevity of the siding.  


What's the lifespan of the product?  Is there a warranty? 

James Hardie is the largest producer of Fiber Cement siding in the world and has been around for decades with a track record of proven performance that can't be matched.  In fact, James Hardie is the #1 used siding product in America.  It's covered by a 30-year warranty, and is specifically designed to uphold well in difficult exterior environments.  


What is it made out of?

James Hardie Exterior Shiplap is a simple, but effective, combination of Portland cement, sand, water, and cellulose fibers.


What is the lead time on this product once I place my order with the dealer?

Typical lead time is one week for delivery to your door.  If you happen to have a particularly large job, or are located outside of our normal dealer network, you may need to allow for a longer lead time.  However, we will always communicate with you if a situation like this arises.


Installation FAQ's 

PDF: James Hardie Exterior Installation Guide


How do I install James Hardie Exterior Shiplap?

Our James Hardie Exterior Shiplap requires some basic installation best practices.  See the above install guide for detailed instructions.  Basic best practices are:

  • Install 8" above grade; 2" above slabs and roof lines 
  • Provide 1/4" clearance for all flashing
  • Use 20 to 16 gauge fasteners, installed at a maximum spacing of 24" o.c..  Minimum penetration of 7/16" sheathing, ideally hitting studs.
  • Material can be blind nailed with one fastener per nailing pattern
  • Butt joints can installed with joint flashing (our recommended best practice) or caulked 


What fasteners do they recommend using?

Use 20 gauge (minimum) to 16 gauge fasteners, installed at a maximum spacing of 24" o.c..  Minimum penetration of 7/16" sheathing, ideally hitting studs.


Can I take James Hardie Exterior Shiplap straight to grade or concrete?

James Hardie Exterior Shiplap should be installed at least 8" above finish grade, and 2" above slab/porch/steps.


Do I need to face nail, or can I blind nail to hide the fasteners?

You can blind nail and that is the best finished look and drastically reduces final painting and finishing costs.  If desired, product can be faced nailed as well.  

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