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Before the days of sheetrock, shiplap was typically used to provide the sheathing

on the framework of a structure.  It was used behind wallpaper in place of

drywall and was never meant to be exposed... well not any more!  See what a

difference just a simple application of our Premium Primed 8" and 6" Nickel Gap

shiplap can make on an accent wall in a room?  In these scenarios, the Farmhouse

style is complete with the crisp white painted shiplap accent, but doesn't overpower

when used on adjacent walls as well.  What a statement... warmth, historic flair and

so much more interesting than using plain paint!




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Maybe white shiplap does not appeal to you, or you are looking for a more dramatic

statement?  Our Premium Primed Nickel Gap shiplap is featured above in both 6"

and 8" widths, showing how simply painting this product a rich, deep color can

provide a moody accent to any room.  The texture and color on the wall provide

the perfect backdrop for a wide variety of room schemes and styles!





Maybe you like the historic feel of shiplap, but the light and airy Farmhouse feel is

not your thing.  Here is our Raw Pine Nickel Gap shiplap (6" on upper image and 8"

on lower image) with a transparent water-based driftwood stain. The natural warmth

and character of the wood shines through with this stain simply transforming the

entire room.  What an amazing difference this versatile natural product can make in

any space... traditional, modern and everywhere in between!  




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Ceilings are commonly forgotten in the design of many a space, but have so much

to offer when treated with the same consideration as the walls in the room. Maybe

you have an ugly ceiling you'd like to cover up or you literally want to shiplap every

surface of your space (totally reasonable). Shiplap can be applied to bare framing,

drywall or plaster so it's a great solution for practically any ceiling.  These images

feature our Premium Primed Nickel Gap shiplap, and it looks amazing when paired

with rustic beams or clean and neat highlighting a fabulous chandelier!



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