Our Commercial Partners


The Monarch Apartments - Des Plaines, IL

10,000 Square Feet of Cedar Shiplap




Shark Bar St. Louis

4,000 Square Feet of Premium Primed Shiplap




"I have done what I think is a lot of remodeling in my day...this is by far the truest and easy product to install. 

I would check the level just to be safe, but it was dead nuts on EVERY time!!"  

Trey - Homeowner in St. Louis, MO 


"I really like installing this.  It's high quality and very consistent.  The tongue and groove option is great - it installs flush and is excellent for ceilings.  The groove is also nice and deep, so the shadow lines really pop."

Kyle - Carpenter in St. Louis, MO


"My wife absolutely loves it.  It's exactly what she wanted.  We have people from all over the community coming by to see it."

Tom - Homeowner in Juno Beach, FL


"It was a real pleasure doing business with you."

Kenneth - Homeowner in Columbus, OH

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