"Necessity is the mother of Invention" 


Shiplap Direct was founded out of a customer-driven need.  We were selling shiplap on a wholesale basis and were getting inundated with calls from homeowners, builders, architects, and designers to help them find Shiplap products in their area.  But beyond just looking for where to buy, they were looking to learn - what are the differences between products, how do I install, what are my options for finishing, can I use this product outside, etc.

We saw a real opportunity to help people, so we set out to create a digital platform that's sole purpose was to create a portal for all things shiplap.  We wanted to connect customers with high-quality shiplap products and educate them about how to use them.  Beyond that, we wanted to keep it local and support small businesses, so we've leveraged a dealer network that is comprised of hardworking, knowledgeable, independent local businesses.  Our dealers are great assets; they help us get products delivered directly to you in a quick and professional manner and they're experts with decades of knowledge and experience. They are a great resource for your current project and any future projects.  


But our story runs a little deeper.  We're a family run company that's been in the wood products industry for over a hundred years, and we're currently on our third generation of family ownership and management.  You can learn more about us here.  We have experience in everything from manufacturing, to distribution, to retail. We started out in the 1890's by milling timber in Southern Missouri and hauling it by horse and carriage; today we're embracing the power of digital commerce.  The world moves fast, but our passion, commitment to quality, and dedication to this industry remain the same.  

At the end of the day, we've taken those decades of experience to create the best Shiplap products in the country. They're beautiful, highly sustainable, and perfectly designed.  We're confident we have everything you need to make your shiplap dreams come true.  

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