Premium Primed Shiplap

Interior Primed Shiplap


Our interior primed shiplap is specifically designed for a pristine paint finish.

It is a custom milled tongue and groove pattern with a perfect 1/8" nickel gap. The wood is entirely clear and free of any knots or voids, and the material is double primed for excellent paint adhesion and an overall impeccable finish.

Fast Facts

Application: Interior Shiplap

Finish: Double Primed and Paint-Ready

Available Sizes: 1x6 and 1x8

Lengths: 16' only

Price Point: $$

1x6 Shiplap

  • 5" Exposure
  • 240 LF per 100 square feet

1x8 Shiplap

  • 6 ¾" Exposure
  • 180 LF per 100 square feet

Features & Benefits:

  • Perfectly clear face for a pristine smooth painted finish
  • Custom designed tongue and groove with a perfect 1/8" nickel gap
  • Long 16 foot lengths for complete ceiling and wall coverage
  • A full 3/4" thick providing dimensional stability and rigidity
  • Excellent for both walls and ceilings
  • Soft and receptive wood that is carpenter friendly and easy to cut, miter, and nail
  • Reversible with a v-groove backside

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PDF: Product Brochure

PDF: Installation Guide

PDF: Glue Warranty

PDF: Primer/Paint Warranty

PDF: Safety Data Sheet

PDF: Shiplap Direct Cheat Sheet

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I'm not familiar with painting terms, can you explain what double primed means and then how I should finish it?

A primer is an undercoat of paint that seals the surface so that paint adheres to the surface and doesn't soak into the wood. It acts as a bond for excellent paint adhesion and gives the painter the option to use various finishes like flat, eggshell, semi-gloss, or high gloss. Having a pre-primed product basically saves the painter from having to prep the surface. While it may look painted already, it definitely still needs two coats of a high-quality paint once installed.


I'm very particular about my nickel gap spacing, exactly how wide and deep is the gap?

We're extremely particular too, and we tested dozens of different options. The actual spacing between each board is 1/8", and the recessed depth is a full 1/4". We feel like it is absolutely perfect and looks right to the human eye. If for some reason you wanted a bigger gap, you could always self-gap with spacers, but we would only recommend going an additional 1/8".


What exactly is Radiata Pine?

Radiata Pine is a species of trees native to South America and New Zealand. In Chile, they're an abundant and completely sustainable tree that yields plenty of clear wood that is free of knots and voids. Being so abundant and yielding such high-quality fiber, it's perfect for high-quality interior trim applications, such as Shiplap. It's also very lightweight and receptive, so it's extremely carpenter friendly.


Can I use this on ceilings?

Yes, absolutely. One of the great things about this product is that it's lightweight but still very rigid. A standard 1x8 16' piece weighs about 19 pounds, which is relatively light compared to other wood species and 50% lighter than MDF or composites. It's also a full 3/4" thick, so it has enough meat on the bone to stay rigid and stiff which prevents any splitting when fastened or sagging from occurring down the road. The real beauty of this product though is the v-groove backside. A common look is walls in nickel gap and ceilings finished in a v-groove. With this product, you get both applications in one convenient pattern. See our installation guide for proper ceiling installation methods.


Can I blind nail through the tongue?

You sure can, and this helps to hide your fasteners for an even better finish. If you prefer, you can still face nail. See our installation guide for more information.


I actually like the v-groove backside, can I use that for the exposed face?

Absolutely, this is intended to be a reversible product and you can definitely use the v-groove side. V-groove is very popular for ceilings and is easy to install. The only difference is that the double primed finish on the backside isn't as pristine, so it may require a touch sand in a few spots.


Can I special order this product in other lengths?

No, at the moment this is only available in 16' lengths.


How does this product compare to what I can purchase at a box store?

Our products are designed to gracefully age with your home and we do not skimp on necessary quality. Most importantly, our shiplap is imported from Chile, not from China. It is a full 3/4" thick which gives it the rigidity to be properly mitered and nailed without splitting. We use only clear premium Radiata Pine wood, and two coats of a premium acrylic latex primer. We also sell in full 16' lengths to minimize butt joints. The most important thing to realize is that the material is just one portion of the total installed cost. The cost of labor and time to install won't change if you go with the inferior product. It sounds silly, but if you hired a chef to cook a meal, why wouldn't you get him the best ingredients?


Can this product be used on a covered porch or other semi-dry location?

This product can be used in a covered porch ceiling application. In these instances, it is necessary to prime all field-cut edges and finish with a high quality exterior acrylic latex paint. This product is not intended to be used as siding or in other areas that with be in contact with rain. 


This product is "pre-primed" but not "pre-finished". What is the difference?

Pre-primed means that the board has a factory applied primer that in essence makes it "paint ready". Primers are different than paint, and act as a substrate for the paint to bond to the wood. This product does need to be painted once installed, but it can be painted any color.


What is the standard lead time on this product once I place my order with the dealer?

Typical lead time is one week for delivery to your door. If you happen to have a particularly large job, or are located outside of our normal dealer network, you may need to allow for a longer lead time. However, we will always communicate with you if a situation like this arises.



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